Prior to coming together at Real Mobile Tech®, each one of our team members has had great success building customer-centric brands in the industries of payment processing, wireless communications, VoIP, banking, travel, job search, advertising and mobile marketing. Taking this collective experience has allowed us to engineer a smart, agile firm with offices in South Florida, Silicon Valley, Mexico City and Colombia that continues to attract a growing number of talented team members and a diverse customer base from all over the world. Although we have the word ‘tech’ in our name, At RealMobileTech, we do not consider ourselves a technology development firm. Rather, we are business people who pride ourselves with providing measurable and effective business solutions through technology. We recognize that for any business to thrive in today’s rapidly changing market, instant access to mobile customers is a must. This is why we have developed TextExpress (tm)  a RealMobileTech® technology that includes rewards programs such as Dial2Join, TextExpress and Express Orders which allows for easy and Secure Transaction Processing – Intuitive Easy to use Rewards Program Management – Multi-Media Marketing and Outreach, while maximizing the use of Mobile devices for Text Marketing and Mobile Rewards Programs.

Our Leadership Team

Joseph Riano

President & CEO

Don G Kohl

Director Electronic Payments

Ryan Teixera

Lead Systems Architect

Danielle Cox

Vice President of Software Development

Erik White

Client-Side Software Architect

Monica Pedrique

Lead Sales and Marketing Director

Sabrina Ho

Data Scientist

Kelen Rojas

International Software Engineer

Michael Kroll

Manager of Quality Assurance

Henry Westendarp

Chief Financial Officer

Phillip Curtis

Lead DevOps Engineer

Jae Lee

Lead Software Design Engineer

Gerardo Moran

Vice President

Michael Malkin

Senior Retail Advisor

Raymond Bosch

National Account Manager

Robert Sawdye

Chief Information Officer